About US

SELS Ltd takes great pride in its diverse areas of activity. However we focus specifically on alternative power supply and energy efficiency of businesses.

In cooperation with Schmack Biogas GmbH, one of the leaders in biogas plant construction we offer a full range of alternative power supply services using biogas technologies, including:

1. Design and development of the flowsheet of a biogas plant;

2. Selection of the necessary equipment and components to build the plant;

3. Experimental analysis of raw materials in a laboratory biogas plant;

4. Development of the project documentation;

5. Purchase of equipment and components necessary to build the plant;

6. Starting up and adjustment to match process conditions;

7. Personnel training;

8. In service support of the biogas plant.

Every biogas plant is unique. The quality of substrate analysis, accurate estimate, and adherence to operating regulations are essential for its proper functioning. Not only do we offer the design and equipment allowing to use the available substrates efficiently, but we also guarantee that the plant will meet the design parameters.