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Biogas is the power of today

Nowadays energy independence and environmental responsibility are a top priority among businesses around the globe.

Biogas plant construction is definitely a way to address these needs effectively.

Raw materials for a biogas plant include agricultural, industrial, food or other kinds of waste often hazardous to the environment. Through processing of these biogas is obtained to be later utilized for electricity or heat production in CHP units. Besides, fermented substrates form a valuable fertilizer containing all the micro- and macroelements necessary for plant growth.

Thus, biogas plant construction allows to reduce the damage caused to the environment while enhancing the efficiency and energy independence of a company.

SELS bio energy. Working in a close partnership with Schmack Biogas GmbH our company designs and supports the construction of biogas plants which will use the organic waste and resources available. Moreover, we provide technical and biological maintenance along with all the necessary in-service support.



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